For your DIY chunky knit project you’ll really need the chunky knit yarn only! There are no knitting needles required for making a beautiful and neat blanket.

Knitting using the arms

The easiest way to chunky knit is by placing all of the stitches on your arms. This option is great for smaller size blankets, which require less stitches. Knitting on your arms will be perfect for blankets in a width up to 40 inches (100 cm). Knitting on your arms will ensure that you’ll miss no stitch and that no stitch will get twisted. The arms will also make the stitches even and accurate as they all will be formed in the size of your arm.

Comparing to knitting with the needles, this option will allow you to work with the yarn more easily, more flowing, and ensure that the thread will not accidentally split, which is a common case, when knitting also with a standard thickness yarns.

Knitting on a flat surface using palms

The other option on chunky knitting without any needles is by putting the knit on a flat surface – table or floor. This option will be good for larger size blankets. In this case, the stitches will stay off all the time, and it’s okay, they’ll stay like this on their own when put aside. The stitches are created with a help of a palm – the palm works as a measuring tool to ensure that the stitches are even.

Comparing to knitting with the needles, this option will be physically easier when knitting larger size blankets. With the needles you would have to turn the whole blanket over after each row, however, in this case, the blanket doesn’t change the position, which is way more easier. It also allows you to keep an eye on how the blanket pattern will look when it’s finished, since you’ll see the right side of the knit all the time.