Victory Over Cold

There’s no denying it’s been a tad nippy of late! Well, actually it’s been flippin’ freezing! Winter has dug its heels in, and it looks as if the cold is sticking around for the foreseeable, so now is the time to get seriously cosy!

Winter warmth is easier to achieve that you perhaps first think, and no, it doesn’t involve booking an exotic holiday and jetting off into the sun! It also doesn’t involve relying upon costly central heating 24/7, which can actually be bad for your health.

So, instead of breaking the bank with a fantastically expensive, foreign holiday, or turning up your radiators full whack, why not have a go at keeping warm using these handy tips?

Lay it on thick!

It’s easier, quicker and cheaper to warm yourself up than it is to warm up a room, so swaddle yourself in lots of lovely, cosy layers for instant, long-lasting warmth. Both our pure cashmere Chunky Roll Neck Jumper and Polo Neck Jumper will feel fantastic against your skin, and they will make light work of making you feel lovely and toasty when the temperature drops.

Winter-ready your windows!

You wouldn’t dream of taking on the cold in your warm-weather wardrobe, would you, so don’t expect your windows to?! You need to dress your windows in winter-appropriate attire if you expect them to ward off those winter-evening chills. Replace thin curtains with heavier window coverings, and draw them as soon as the last of the daylight disappears. Just make sure you leave them open on warmer days to heat your rooms with natural sunlight.

Make bed the best!

There’s nothing like getting into a lovely soft, wonderfully warm bed at the end of a long day. During the cold, winter months, your bed is your sanctuary; your happy place! Invest in a hot water bottle and make sure you don’t scrimp on the blankets. Try layering your fluffy blankets against your skin and you thinner blankets on top. This warm-bed technique will prevent convective heat loss. All you’ll need to worry about is dragging yourself from your warm and happy bed-haven on cold mornings!

Sock it to the cold!

Treat your tootsies to some serious winter-TLC with a lovely and luxurious pair of house socks. Our cashmere & merino blend socks are a fantastic shout when it comes to beating cold-morning and chilly-evening feet. After all, everyone knows, warm feet are happy feet!