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Return Policy

Returns will be only accepted with in the window of 7 working days. Window will start after product delivered to buyer.

In M.G ENTERPRISE customers can return products after a return acceptance email is received from M.G ENTERPRISE to the buyer. M.G ENTERPRISE

has full rights not to accept the return or refund.

However, Returns will be fully accepted for the scenario where the product received is incorrect/defective.  And a new one will be issued after successful 

 RTO of the incorrect/defective product to us with its proper invoice. And no extra charges will be charged to the buyer. Return will be applied after a full 

investigation of the order and item will be replaced with the new item to the customer in the case of an incorrect/defective item received. The buyer is fully 

responsible for the RTO charges and delivery to the M.G ENTERPRISE. M.G ENTERPRISE is not lieable for the reverse shipment in any senario.


Refund Policy

 Refunds will be only accepted within the window of 7 working days. A window will start after the product is delivered to the buyer.

On free delivery order

80 % of the product value will be refunded. 20% will not be refunded, it will be taken as delivery charges spent by M.G ENTERPRISE.

The delivery charges are free on many items to the buyer, but M.G ENTERPRISE pays for a delivery to send an item to the customer. So, in case of a refund

the delivery charges will be taken as 20% of the total order value on the item which has a free delivery buy option. Ater sucessful RTO.

On order having delivery charges.

The total order value will be refunded to the buyer on order which customer paid delivery charges. Total order value will be refunded after receving the RTO order to M.G ENTERPRISE premises.. M.G ENTERPRISE is not liable for any RTO shipping charge nor for return pick up, 

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